Saline Infusion Sono - Hysterography (SSG)

Saline Infusion Sono - Hysterography(SSG) is a novel technique in which sterile normal saline is instilled into uterine cavity and simultaneous transvaginal ultrasound is carried out. Fluid background helps in visualization of small growths distorting the uterine cavity and preventing implantation of an embryo. This procedure is inexpensive and quick. When polyps or adhesions are visualized, patients are offered therapeutic procedures. After removal of polyps and adhesions many patients conceive without any further assistance.

this is what a normal uterine cavity looks like on SSG

this is what a newly concieved pregnency looks like on ultrasound

this is what a polyp looks like on SSG. It is clearly seen occupying fundal part of uterine cavity acting like a natural IUD(intra uterine contraceptive device), preventing conseption.

Download PDF Presentation about Superiority of Saline Infusion Sono-hysterography